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Dimanche, 20 avril 2014

Sites internet les plus populaires par thème: Nickbond

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inferrior-faggot.tumblr.com - inferior faggit's blog

Welcome to my blog. i am a total sub faggot, into abuse, humiliation, derogation and being treated like the sub-human filth it is by its Superiors (which include not only Superior ALPHA MEN but also...

inferrior-faggot.tumblr.com - Notoriété: un peu connu

dungeon-boys.tumblr.com - Dungeon-Boys Mini Blog

Images are of 18+ and should be viewed by only 18+ Any images that should not be here, that are yours, or you want removed, please inform me and I will do so... If you are under 18, then Leave this...

dungeon-boys.tumblr.com - Notoriété: un peu connu

tiochango.tumblr.com - Hawt Men

Hello I'm Tio Chango( uncle monkey ) Some peple know me as Michael Lopez I'm 51 years age, If you want to know anything just ask

tiochango.tumblr.com - Notoriété: un peu connu